Proudly presenting the first private school of medicine and health sciences in Brunei Darussalam. Einstein Nakhoda Institute of Medicine & Health Science (ENIOMAHS) has received approval for its establishment from Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam in early 2020.

ENIOMAHS has a close working collaboration with Lincoln University College, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. At this initial juncture, ENIOMAHS will focus in upholding the vision of Brunei Darussalam - Wawasan 2035 by providing complementary health educational institutions locally. Courses that will be offered to include Foundation Science, BSc Medical Science, Diploma in Nursing, Bachelor in Nursing and Bachelor in Nursing (Post Registration).

ENIOMAHS will stand tall with other colleges and universities in Brunei Darussalam to serve as educational hubs and training centers locally. High demand and needs of professional health workers in Brunei Darussalam will be one of the driving forces of its existence and sustainability.

Thus, ENIOMAHS invites students from all over the country and its region to join our courses.